Would you rather never have internet access again or never be allowed board an airplane again?

nigga stfu

I Think You Cute Asf Pero I Got A BF In DR , Guess Who I Am ...

I got no idea

How did you make the Dominican national team? There were tryouts? How does it work?

Aberiguaa tu lol

Kiera -.- coofie lml

W.e , but im not asking you questions

Stop asking me questions! :")

is this Kiara ? ...

Suck my dick -.- idiot lmao

Suck mine df .

I new that was u fucking with me lmao

What ? im confused .

Oo word in not even goin to front u gottin way better

cus im nicer than You , didnt you get the memo ?

Its angel from votech u didn't go to open gym why?

Cus im too nice .

Little nigga from votech

Not even angel !

This is your nigga angel

Angel who ?

Which country will win the FIFA World Cup in Brazil?


Yo wasup Emil why didn't you go to open gym today

Whos this ?

pasate Por Mi Ask.fm And get me like'z Latina.


What is the best thing to eat for breakfast?

Manguuu #RealDominican

Were os that


Were u live

Amboy //

Nos Seguiimos Latina.

Sigueme :)

What's ur number ? We needa chill ASAP ! <3

Who are you ? .

Ur fucking hot af and nice at ball ! Every time I see u I get wet ! Lml I'm sorry to be so outspoken but it's true ! Te amo mucho !

Who are you ? .

Do you worry about your future?

Hell yeaa !

No ! Lol wats ur number ? If u want nudes I'm down ? <3

Lmaoo ,


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