Do you think you could end this?

i know i get far

so what are you going to do next ?

release information

hows life

this isnt a life

So what's in the journal?


After god knows how much inactivity, why the fuck are you answering questions now? Just to fill in the time?


What did the fortunes mean?


where have you been?


They are watching.

so am i

Don't give up Noah. I believe in you.


How did it feel to open milo's journal?

he died again

Why haven't you talked to us? FloatingQuaker

havent done anything

You Can't Die? Why So?

i have seen what i turn into

The journal continued talking after you opened ?

quiet now

What lesson did you learn in the crawl space?

how its used

where is your happiness?

what happiness

are you still alive? are you still Noah?


Noah, did you meet Firebrand where you went? Harry

i met me

Can you tell us anything you've learned from the journal?

a lot

are you still there noman


Listen Noah, all of us don't like seeing you suffer. Trust me when I say we want to help you in any way we can, whether it be donations, or moral support, or anything at all. You haven't been giving us many opportunities to do so. So just tell us, what can we do to help you, Noah? Logan Tyler


When are you gona upload more videos?


This may sound dumb at first, but do you honestly know what your goal is anymore?


would you rather stay broken, or be fixed again.

i was always broken

They may have you backed into a corner. but they cant break you unless you let them. fight.

no fight left in me
only apathy and emptiness

Observer still hacking your accounts?

hacked my life


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