Who are your favorite ASKfm couples?

Didn't think they existed but if they are known for this I say "Fuck You Both" :-)

What is better than chocolate?

Mexican Sugar ;-)

Who is your favorite YouTuber?

Jesa <3

I was wondering if you saw the Stone Cold podcast with Big Show and your thoughts, cause it may be the best one yet and I'm not a fan of him in the ring, but I could listen to him talk all day as he didn't seem to care and said how he really felt. Jam

Negative I did not partake. Will check it out.

Who are you?

My profile sums it up but a quick summary: Somebody who has been heartbroken, Used, Rejected and Hated. But still try to find the good and Love the world and the people in it.

Which Ask.fm gift would you like to receive?

Anything will be fine.

What's your currently favorite show on TV?


What are your favorite subjects to talk about?

Film and Music. Deeper conversations call for deeper subjects but those are pretty deep starters.

Are you the type of person with lots of friends or just a few close ones?

I have Lots of friends but VERY FEW Close Ones.

How much did you lurk your crushes social media before talking to them?

I had already talked to her before adding her. Some would say it was a mistake 3 years later. I say the pain helped me become stronger.

What kind of music calms you down?

Lee Hazelwood's "Portrait Of An Almost Lady" so many heartbreaks glued together by that man.

What is life like on other planets?

Probably better than here. But what do I know I am just an insignificant part of a Much Greater Plan.

What makes you crazy mad?

Being or seeing people getting taken advantage of.

What's the most meaningful gift you've ever received?

A Trip to the San Diego Zoo with one of my Best Friends to see The Panda's. Love You Lemon.

If you knew you had one day to live, how would you spend it?

Expressing my Love and also getting Revenge.

If you could have anything you want for dinner tonight, what would you have?

Pioneer Chicken or Chicken Box

Do you prefer to answer questions or ask them?

I really love answering them.

What is your favorite type of flower?


What's the last thing you bought and love?

Canada Dry Cranberry Ginger Ale.

What is one thing you will never do again?

Drive to Oxnard and be taken for a fool again.

Do you push the elevator button more than once? Do you really believe it makes the elevator faster?

No I just like pushing it. not everyday there is a button just there for you to push.

What do you do when you are alone in your room?

Over think and Go Insane from it.

Where would you bury your treasure if you had some?

In me like a Diva in Fhloston Paradise

How do you know when you're in love?

It still kinda hurts when you think about them when they are no longer in love with you. Only Been in Love 3 times for different reasons and Jesus does it hurt. Some less than others.

I'm a big PWG fan and was just wondering what your experience was like there, if you don't mind me asking. Was there anyone in particular that stood out to you as a class act and a genuinely good person, or people who were the exact opposite? STRAIGHT SHOOT Rory Corcoran

My experiences were good the first few years. Disco Machine was somebody who was great to deal with but also took the punches backstage both Financially and Mentally. Claudio Castagnoli, Chris Bosh, Topgun Talwar. Pretty much everybody was cool before Highspots/Silver Pants took over completely lol


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Depressed and Broken man but will do anything to fix the broken. I WAS an active Manager, Wrestler/Commissioner/ Voice Actor. Now I try to Give advice to the young lions of wrestling or those who feel like they don't have anybody in their corner.

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